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To suggest that you didn't get the job (or that you weren't chosen for something) because you are a woman would very likely be met with hostility. That said, in speaking with women, one quickly realizes that there is still some amount of gender discrimination. Religion: Norway still has a state religion (Lutheran). Most other religions are welcomed. The occasional exception to this would be religious practices are seen as interfering with other socially progressive policies (treatment of women, children, etc. This could at times cause problems. Class: Norway is relatively free of class concerns. Ethnicity - more so than gender - is cause for concern in terms of workplace discrimination. Top of PageCultural Information - Relationship-buildingQuestion:How important is it to establish a personal relationship with a colleague or client before getting to business. It is not important to have a personal relationship before getting down to business. Norwegians are very goal oriented and keep a distinct division between business and private life. It's fairly important in the case of colleagues. This raises the trust level, and ensures more honest feedback about your performance. It's much less important with clients, as business is seen as distinct for social experiences. The exception may be among younger generations in Oslo and Bergen, who - like North Americans - seem to be mixing work and social life more often than their parents. Single jenter i Norway of PageCultural Information - Privileges and FavouritismQuestion:Would a colleague or employee expect special privileges or considerations given our personal relationship or Single jenter i Norway some extent, professional reward is not strictly conferred upon those who work the hardest and who "deserve it". Like most small economies, personal connections make a difference in getting one's foot in the door. However, once in the door, there is little opportunity to reward people who do not deserve it - if for no other reason than the pay structure is so flat that it doesn't often make a significant difference. Top of PageCultural Information - Conflicts in the WorkplaceQuestion:I have a work-related problem with a colleague. Do I confront him or her directly. First, directly and privately with that colleague. If that is not enough, go up one level to the supervisor. Most of the time that person would address it directly with you. If not, you surely would feel some negative attitudes from that person. If in doubt, ask directly. Norwegians can be more direct than Canadians. Confronting the colleague directly will raise tensions briefly, but if handled well - politely - then this is the best route. Going to a superior straight away will appear to be the least confrontational, but will actually cause the greatest harm in the long run. If a colleague is upset with you, they may not tell you and may opt to go to your superior. The best thing to do in such cases is acknowledge that Norwegians don't like confrontation, and ask that the next time they deal with you directly. Top of PageCultural Information - Motivating Local ColleaguesQuestion:What motivates my local colleagues to perform well on the job. Job satisfaction, commitment and loyalty are likely the main motivational factors but money and working conditions are also important. Most people are not concerned about being fired or losing their jobs. Unemployment rates are very low. It is very difficult to fire someone. The workers protection law ensures everybody's individual right in that matter as well. All of the traditional motivations (listed above) apply in Norway. The only significant additional motivation would be "contribution to society" which (decreasingly) continues to motivate people. Sometimes you can find Norwegian films in a video store in Canada and they will be subtitled. Most films in theatres in Norway are foreign (American) but some also come from other countries. These movies are always subtitled and never dubbed. Only animated films for kids are dubbed but often the original will be running at the same time. NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Co. It is free for all and will give you a glimpse into all kinds of programs that are offered. The website can be found at: www. UK comedy television programmes. People who are well-travelled throughout Europe will have loads to talk about with Norwegians. Top of PageCultural Information - In-country ActivitiesQuestion:When in this country, I want to learn more about the culture(s) and people. What activities can you recommend. When in Norway there are many places to visit. The main attraction is nature and space. An ancient law allows anyone to use and camp on public AND private land. As long as it is not cultivated you can go everywhere. Fishing in lakes sometimes requires a permit.

Single jenter i Norway
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Section 10-3 Jentef supervision of the petroleum Songle Women from Oslo 10-4 Material and information concerning the petroleum activities Section 10-5 Agreements between Norwxy companies Section 10-6 Obligation to comply with the Act and to see to it that provisions are complied with Section 10-7 Security Section 10-8 Responsibility for commitments Section 10-9 Liability for damage caused Sngle 10-10 Commission of inquiry Section 10-11 Training Section 10-12 Transfer etc. Section 10-13 Revocation Section 10-14 Consequences of revocation, surrender of rights or lapse for Songle reasons Section 10-15 Immunity etc. Section 11-5 The relationship to company law Section 11-6 Duties of the Board jeter Jentwr Section 11-7 Duty of submission of the Board of Directors Section 11-8 Annual report and annual accounts Section 11-9 The relationship to provisions of the Public Administration Act etc. Supplementary provisions CHAPTER 12 ENTRY INTO FORCE AND AMENDMENT OF LAWS Section 12-1 Entry jented force etc. Section 12-2 Repeal and amendment of acts Single jenter i Norway 1 Introductory provisions Section 1-1 The right to subsea petroleum deposits and resource management The Norwegian State has the proprietary right to subsea petroleum deposits and the exclusive right to resource management. Section 1-2 Resource management Resource management is executed by the King in accordance with the provisions of this Act and decisions made by the Storting (Parliament).

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Section 1-3 Requirements relating to licence etc. Section 1-4 Scope of application This Act applies to petroleum activities in connection with subsea petroleum deposits under Norwegian jurisdiction. The Act does not apply to Svalbard, including its internal waters and territorial sea. Section 1-5 Other Sinble law Norwegian law other than this Act, including provisions relating to licences, consents or approvals required according to the legislation, shall also be applicable to petroleum activities. Section Singke Definitions In this Act the following definitions shall apply: a) petroleum, all liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons existing in their natural state in the subsoil, as well as other substances produced in association with such hydrocarbons. Facility also comprises Single jenter i Norway and cable unless otherwise provided, e) survey activity, geological, petrophysical, geophysical, geochemical and geotechnical activities, including shallow drilling, as well as u and use of a facility to the extent it is used for the purpose of survey activity.

Chapter 2 SURVEY licence Section 2-1 Granting of survey licence etc. Section 2-2 The area covered by the survey licence The survey licence shall state the area covered by the licence. Chapter 3 Production licence etc. Section 3-1 Opening of new areas Prior to the opening of new areas with a view to granting production licences, an evaluation shall be undertaken of the various interests involved in the relevant area.

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The Ministry decides on the administrative procedure to be followed in each individual case. Section 3-2 Division of the continental shelf Offshore areas inside the outer boundary of the continental shelf are divided into blocks of 15 latitude minutes and 20 longitude minutes in size, unless adjacent land areas, common boundaries with the continental shelf of other states, or other circumstances warrant otherwise. Section 3-3 Production licence The King in Council may, on conditions to be further stipulated, grant production licence. Section 3-4 Agreements with a view to applying for a production licence Co-operation agreements entered into with a view to applying for a production licence shall be Nofway to the Ministry. Section 3-5 Announcement and granting of a licence Prior to the granting of a production licence, the Ministry shall, as a rule, announce the area for which applications for production licences may be submitted. Section 3-6 State participation The King may decide that the Norwegian State shall Single jenter i Norway in petroleum activities according to this Act. Section 3-7 Operator When granting a jeter licence, the Singgle shall appoint or approve an operator. Section 3-8 Work obligation The King may impose on the licensee a specific work obligation for Norske chattesider area covered by the production licence. Section 3-9 The duration of a production licence etc.

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Section 3-10 Dividing the area of a production licence The Ministry may on application from a licensee approve that part of the area covered by jenger production licence is partitioned off and issue a separate production licence for the area partitioned off. The King may issue regulations relating to delimitation of the area partitioned off.

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Section 3-11 Right for others to survey activity The Ministry may, in specific cases, grant to someone other than the licensee the right to carry out survey activity in an area covered by a Norwwy licence. Section 3-12 Right for others to place facilities etc.

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The King may issue regulations relating to delimitation of relinquished areas. Chapter 4 Production etc. Section 4-2 Plan for development and operation of petroleum deposits If a licensee decides to develop a petroleum deposit, the licensee shall submit to the Ministry for approval a plan for development and operation of the petroleum deposit.